Unable to upgrade to v5 from KNIME Analytics Platform v4.7.7.v202308161346

After a long while without upgrading, looks like KNIME forgot how to do it. Is there some specific way to proceed?

Could you give some detail about what you tried and the result?

Thanks for caring. On FILE menu, Update KNIME option did not take me to version 5 download and installation, I got the message No updates were found.

KAP 5.1 is not really an update to KAP 4.7.x. In my opinion, the best option to install KAP 5.1 is to download the zip version and install it separately from your KAP 4.7 installation. Others have different opinions, but this approach works fine for me. It maintains both versions.

It makes sense. They probably are too different. Do you access the same workspace from both installations?

You can use the same workspace, but bear in mind that some workflows in 5.1 won’t work in 4.7 if you use nodes only available in 5.1. I created a new workspace for 5.1. Its your choice.

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Thank you for helping. My concern was backward compatibility and to avoid toublesome workflow transfers. Most probably I’ll install v5.X and uninstall v4.7 after a while. Regards!


I wouldn’t be in a huge rush to switch to 5.1. Knime is constantly improving it, but its still short of some important features and can be buggy. Whether you like the new UI is certainly a matter of preferrence. It does have some very useful nodes which aren’t available in 4.7.


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