Unable to use flow variables in e.g. Excel Writer

I realize the there a entry of the same title in this forum - but using String to Path (variable) node does not solve the issue - Excel Writer still displays next to the File field.

What I am trying to do is to use Python Edit Variable or Java Edit Variable node to setup a single file name followed by the String to Path (Variable) node and finally Excel Writer.
Thank you for any suggestions.

Welcome to the forum @rdk.

It’s unclear to me what this means.

What is the actual issue to be solved?
Can you upload the workflow and some data here so that we can take a look at how things are configured?


@rdk this is one illustration how you could create path variables

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Thank you. I got things to work. I think that I had a typo in the value of my flow variable and dot appeared more than once making path invalid. I am guessing that String to Path (Variable) node does not check for the validity of the path.