Unble to Connect Google Analytics in China

Hi there,

I’m currently staying in China and able to use VPN to pull data from GA and SQL. But I am having issues running GA connection and SQL database with KNIME.

Google Analytics Connection:

  1. Already created the Google API service account and set everything up on KNIME. Able to connect Google Authentication (API Key) Node, but when I tried to run the Google Analytics connection, the pop-up window shows “Could not connect to API”.

  2. When I tried to run “Google Analytics Query”, it kept showing the following error message: Execution failed in Try-Catch block: connect timed out.

SQL database:

  1. Able to run a query on Sequal Pro, but showing the following error message when I tried to run on KNIME " Execute failed: Selected JDBC driver does not support given JDBC url."

Would be really appreciated if anyone can help to look into this, thanks in advance!

On the Google Analytics topic: The specific Google API you want to use has to be enabled under ‘APIs’. Did you do that already?

Regarding the DB connection: How does the URL schema look like? Does it match the URL configured in DB Connector node?

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