Understanding localhost log file

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Where could I find documentation to help me understand the meaning of the different terms (welcomeLicenseCheck, loadWorkflow, getMetaData etc.. ) logged in the localhost log file of our Knime server?

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Hi Claire,

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I just forwarded this to our server team and they will give you more infomartion as soon as possible.

I also moved your question into the server subforum.

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These terms refer to the java methods that issue that particular message. For the 'end user' they won't be helpful at all but once you run into an error this will be helpful for the support team to track the error.

For instance, a message such as:

com.knime.enterprise.server.ejb.VersionCheckerBean welcomeLicenseCheck : Login requested by user 'wiswedel' from client (user has admin privileges)

indicates that the message "Login requested by ..." has been issued in a class call com.knime....VersionCheckerBean in a mehod called welcomeLicenseCheck.



Hi All,

Thanks for your feedback on my question. Where could I find the dictionary of the different class calls and their associated methods and defintion? I just want to analyze the log file to get an idea of who is using which workflows so that I can get statistics of the most popular ones. I don't want to misunderstand the log file and create bad reports.

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Disclaimer: Unfortuantely this is not documented and the log messages and their origin (= classes/method) may change between releases.

If you still wanted to do it, you should grep for com.knime.enterprise.server.ejb.ExecutorBean and 'loadWorkflow' and 'discard' messages, e.g.:

com.knime.enterprise.server.ejb.ExecutorBean loadWorkflow : Loading of flow '/testFileUpload/File Upload' requested by user 'wiswedel' from client

This may give some indication. Please also note that some of our larger customers with custom inhouse KNIME extensions have written their own plug-in that would log each invocation of a workflow and submit it to some central audit system (in fact, some of them even log the execution of an individual node type so they can track detailed node usage). The KNIME server is not quite there yet so grepping the log file will need to do the job.

- Bernd