Unexpected "help" from string to date converter

Hey hey,
turns out that if you convert string to date using “String to Date&Time” converter node, you can’t really expect it will catch all your date value errors.
For example, if your string date is 2021-02-31, node silently converts it to 2021-02-28. And this works only if date value is within range of 1-31.
Wondering if this should work this way. :slight_smile: Node documentation does not mention autocorrection of invalid dates.

This is quite an interesting find @Experimenter , thank you for sharing.

Not sure if this is good or bad though… I would prefer to somehow know that the date was invalid, and either choose to set 2021-02-31 to 2021-02-28 or to 2021-03-01, or to 2021-03-03 (given that 02-31 is 3 days after 02-28). If it “auto corrects” it, then I don’t even know that there was this invalid date and can’t make the choice.

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