Unexpected reading limitation with ARFF reader node

Dear KNIME-users

I created a program with KNIME to create ARFF files. The ARFF file I created with arff writer is 362 lines long. On an other part of my program, I wanted to use the ARFF reader node, with this file. Once I ran this node, I checked the output table ("0 Data from ARFF" that is displayed with a right click), and I noticed that the node read only 32 lines of the file (whereas the file is 362 lines long, and I checked it with different editors).
Does anybody know if it is a bug, or a normal limitation of the reader node?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi jmorand,

There shouldn't be any limitation in the number of rows that can be read by the ARFF Reader node. Is it possible that you can send me an example file showing the problem?

Regards, Thomas