Ungroup node seems to get stuck

Hi there,

I happen to notice that the ungroup node seems to get stuck for no apparent reason. I copy & pasted it, ingested the same data and the duplicated node finished even before the original one within seconds vs. +15 minutes.

Any idea what could cause the issue?

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-11 um 12.14.48


Hi @mwiegand,

interesting, that’s an issue I haven’t seen so far.

Is this something you can reproduce or happens that frequently for you?
If yes, can you please extract and share your log with us the next time this happens, so I can forward the information to our development team?


Hi Katrin,

apologize for my late reply. It is indeed reproducible with the data which unfortunately I can’t share. I am currently on vacations and will check to get the log and possibly share an example workflow later on.


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