Uninstalling Python extension Lab ...

Dear Knimers, after I uninstall Python Lab extension (which seams for me that it takes to much times to load a nodes at starting KNIME and I do not feel like I willy need it) and then run KNIME again with -clean startup, and then come back running KNIME in normal startup I notice that this extension is still here! - as you can see on picture below - and, of course, it took so much times to load a node repository again … any explanation or any advice how to make startup time on loading nodes shorter?
Thanks in advance

Hello @ssimara,

Do you still see the extension present under ‘Installed Software’ from the Installation details after opening up ‘About KNIME Analytics Platform’

Also, as a general rule of thumb, usually adding more memory allocation to KNIME can help workflows run faster for the most part but it depends



Thanks thor_landstrom for response, in meanwhile, unfortunately, I decided to reinstall KNIME completely on both of my machines without extension we talk about and now everything seams fine to me right now, even time response in opening node repository (significantly speedup) …


Hey @ssimara,

Great to hear it is working a lot better now! Let us know if you run into the same issue again!


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