Unique Concatenate with Count (GroupBy) into a table?

I have a table where every row has a 0, 1, or 2 associated with it; I can easily use GroupBy (Unique concatenate with count, under manual aggregation) to get totals of how many rows have 0, 1, or 2 with them. However the output from GroupBy ends up being a single cell in a single row looking like
0(500), 1(85), 2(7)
What I would like is for this to be a two-column table instead, hence looking like
0 500
1 85
2 7

I can’t find a way to easily do this. Is there a way to get the GroupBy output to look like this? I looked into transposing and using Column Aggregator but that didn’t make it any better. There is a chance that future data sets could have larger numbers, and missing numbers are possible as well.

Use Cell Splitter to get columns.
Then Unpivot columns with values (skip original column)
Split again new column.
Use Column Expression to get rid of brackets and convert result to Int or Long.

But a better solution - duplicate column and use Group by on it with count

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