Unknown Python Script (Labs) Error "Invalid value for EpochDay" in Any Following Node


I’m getting the following error when I try to execute any node straight after Python Script (Labs):

Execute failed: Invalid value for EpochDay (valid values -365243219162 - 365241780471): 39106961728000

The Python node was executing in a Chunk Loop, and started getting this error after 12 iterations. There doesn’t seem to be anything different about the data in this iteration.

I also tried executing a Table Writer node and a Table Validator node after the Python Script (Labs) node, but they all get the same error as the Loop End node.

I can’t find anything about this online. Probably a bug?

Hi @Nancyjay,

Thanks for reporting that problem. Could you please give us a bit more detail as to what you were doing? Could you share a workflow with example data where this problem shows up?



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