Unpivot / Pivot + String

This is the original workflow realise by @gonhaddock.
20240126_KNIME_project6_v1.knwf (74.9 KB)
In the original file, I add a column QUALITY (String).
PIVOT2.xlsx (8.2 KB)
I want it to appear in the ‘Joiner node table’ like this.
PIVOT1.xlsx (8.2 KB)

What modification should I make?

Hi @Brain ,

I don’t know what you’re trying to do with this workflow, however I’ve noticed that the attribute QUALITY is a string, while in this worklow you are processing averages (of numeric columns, of course).
One simple solution could be changing your quality column values (bad, good, excellent) into numeric values, so that once you unpivot your columns the “ColumnValues” column is still numeric and can go inside the pivot node like it used before. If you don’t like the numeric value for quality, you can retranslate it into sting value after the joiner.

Sounds like something that might be working for you?

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Raffaello Barri
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I will do that.

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