Unrecognized Input to Date&Time Shift

I’m using a configuration node to generate a date that is then converted to a table row so it can used downstream. I need however to shift the data back 30 days, but the Date&Time Shift node isn’t recognizing the variable that is generated by the variable to table row node. I’ve looked at how other folks are using it and it seems I should be seeing the variable passed downstream from the previous node, but I don’t. No idea why that is. I even tried passing it as a flow variable and using a wildcard expression, but it’s not showing any signs of having received it. The Date&Time Shift node will execute without any problems and it outputs the date that’s coming from the upstream node, but the value doesn’t change and it’s unclear why it would execute when no input parameter has been configured. Is this a bug because I don’t see any documentation that would suggest it’s not being used correctly since the ports match.


Hi @kevinnay

The Shift node expects a column in date format while you pass a string hence it’s not being shown in the config as available column. Put a String to Date&Time node in between and it will start working :wink:

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I not going to pretend like that’s not an annoying quirk, but you get the brass ring for solving it. Thanks. :wink:

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