Unused string values after joiner

Hi, I have a question:
I join two tables first has names and IDs for 42 objects, the second has only 6 of those IDs.
The Spec tab of Joined table for the name column listed all 42 names from the first table. This cause problem with assigning colours and making legend unnecessary cluttered.

How can I clean unused “levels” in the name column?

hi @lptolik,

sorry i do not quite understand your problem.
Could you maybe give an example of your two tables and your unneccessary levels?

To illustrate I’ve created simple workflow:

After Joiner in the Diagnosis column description, I have 42 possible values listed:

However, the table itself contains only 7 of them:

When I create the Color manager node I also have 42 possible colours instead of 7:

The question is: How to reduce the number of possible values to the actual 7 instead of 42. In R I would do drop.levels.

hi @lptolik,

please try to use the Domain Calculator on your column after the join (and before the color manager) :slight_smile:

It should then reduce the colors


Hi @ AnotherFraudUser,

Thank you very much! That is exactly what I was looking for! :v: :smile:



Great :slight_smile:

*Could you mark this topic as solved?

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