unzip node overwrites files; is there an automatic "filename change" option or trick?


I have a bunch of zip files, all having a unique name, from one of our vendors. These zip files all contain files with always the same filename structure, eg "file0001.log", "file0002.log etc. So when I unzip the 2nd and 3rd etc zip files the logfiles in those zipfiles then overwrite the logfiles from the first zip file.

Is there a way, like in windows explorer, to have the unzip node add for duplicate files eg a (2), (3) etc into the file name?

Is there a way by adding other nodes in that loop to unzip 1 zipfile, run a node to rename all created logfiles to eg "file0001_(1).log", or add the name of the originating zip file into the name of the extracted log files?

Thansk, Simon


Hi Simon,

No this is currently not availabe.

But I would suggest the following: Why don't you copy them in a subfolder named after the zipfile?

If this doesn't help you can use this as a temporary solution. First unzip them in a subfolder. Second, go through all files in all foder and copy the file under a new name (e.g. zipfile_Logfile.log) in the main folder. Third delete the subfolder.

Does this work for you?

Best, Iris