Update a file in Google Docs on the go

Hi guys,

I’m working in a workflow that reads a file (specific sheet) in Google Docs, at one point I do a Lookup to extract the rows in blank from this file. Then I need manually complete the information and add this info to this same Excel in Google Docs, after, I need to run again this file updated and completed.

My first idea was doing like the image shows, read the file in Docs, do the vlookup, and writer it like an excel file (its opening when the file executes) and complete the data manually, take this data, copie and paste these rows in the Google Docs. But I don’t know if exists another easy way to do this process. The step would like me to delete is “copie and paste”, maybe exist some way to open this file on the go, complete it, and update it without copy & paste.

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi @IvaR,

Why don’t you split the rows where there are missing or empty values then (if need to fill them manually) write them to a new sheet, fill the cells, read the new sheet, concatenate to the table with no empty values and finally update the original spreadsheet?



Thanks for your help! I did it that way:

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 15.02.34

A little different, but you put the idea in my head! Thanks a lot!


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