Update Base File from Reading New Input


I need to create a flow that will let me read a new file, compare it to a base file, and then either update or add the information to the base file.

My base file looks like this:

ID                                First Date                   Latest Date              First Score               Latest Score

5834803                     22/07/2017                 --                               2                              --


And the new files look like this:

ID                            Date                    Score

39548397                23/07/2017         3

5834803                   22/07/2017        2


As can be seen, I need to update the base file with the new information relating to one ID and add other IDs that were not previously included. 

I'm quite new to KNIME and a little bit lost, so any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you :)


you can try this:

1. Use a Joiner node and perform a full outer join on the base file and the new file

2. Use Rule Engine nodes to replace the missing values in the columns based on your base file from the columns of your new file. If you dont know the Rule Enginge node yet, let mastermind Thorsten explain it to you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZxVJdWPjbg

3. Use a column filter to get rid of the columns arisen from the cross join to get back the structe of your base file.

Hope that helps.