Update DB node behavior change?

I think I found a change in the behavior of the DB update node that should have resulted in a deprecation.  In knime 2.12, if the WHERE condition matched, the update status was set to 1.  Now it seems that unless a SET value is changed, update status remains zero.  This may be preferred behavior but I know a few people who used this to check if records exist in a table before writing them. If this change was deliberate, what is now the preferred way to perform an UPSERT operation using the DB nodes (as in the twitter community example)?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Aaron,

thanks for reporting that issue. Might this be related to the db or driver you are using? We haven't changed the update logic in KNIME between the releases. I tested it with the build in H2 database and it seem to work as expected (see attached workflow). What database you are using?

All the best for 2017.