Update of Knime - lost of previous workspace

Installing the new version of knime, I was asked to uninstall the previous version, and the previous workspace is gone.

Is there any way to retrieve it?

I am surprised that Knime hasn’t thought about it. R-workspace never does this.

What is it that asked you to uninstall the previous version? What OS?

Unless you were keeping your workspace inside the previous version’s application directory and this uninstall process deleted that directory, your workspace should still be on your filesystem. Where were you storing your previous workspace?

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Yes, I was asked to uninstall the previous version. I am not sure where I saved the workspace, yet, because occasionally I was installing under users/ or under another drive, but searching all my drives I cannot find it besides the new empty workspace.

I have found the issue. My fault. It was a misspelled workspace as knine, and search my drives with “knime” was impossible. So, I search all files of PC sorting with date modified, and I found the last saving file before uninstalling the previous KNIME version. Everything works now.
For developers, I would kindly suggest to either keep a history of previous workspace location or to retrieve the last workspace location after updating KNIME. R does it, and it is convenient.

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Please do answer though what asked you to uninstall the previous version. Do you mean you were presented with a message in a popup window that said “You should go and delete the old version yourself.” or a popup window that said “By the way, your old version is being deleted now.” or ?

Also, since you said “PC” we’ve now narrowed this down to Windows, but which version?

Also, also, you downloaded the ZIP, the self extracting archive, the installer, ? And you downloaded that from knime.com or ?

Yes, I was asked by KNIME to uninstall the previous version with a popup window that was asking me to uninstall the previous version first before installing the new version. I am sorry that I didn’t keep a screenshot of the exact window.
The OS is Windows 10 64 bit.
I downloaded the installer 64bit version. I did not download the self extracting archive.
I did downloaded from the knime.com.
Hope it helps. If you need more information please let me know.
(I am very excited with this software.)

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Great - thank you for the information (and welcome to the forums.)

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As a further note. You could simply download the zipped version and put the content in a new location without deleting the old one.

You could then start either but not in parallel if they use the same workspace. And also some workflows saved under a new version might not work under an old one or throw a warning. So I think therefore the installer deletes the old version so not to confuse the user.

But you could keep the old version for some time to see if everything works.


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