Update only a single column in Excel file, new column each month


I have just started to experimenting in knime and I have encountered an issue regarding writing new data into a specific column without having a vlookup function in the table.

To explain it a bit more, I have a table with forecasting data and once each month I wish to update the last months forecast data with actual data. This also means that the column that should be updated will be n+1 each month. Until now I have changed the data in knime, written the data as a separate sheet in my Excel file and updated my table with a constant vlookup function all over the table. This works except for that I cannot keep my forecast figures in the table due to the vlookup function.

Is there a solution for this? :slightly_smiling_face: I’m thankful for any help I can get!

The basic idea behind variable column names in KNIME is renaming the column so the header stays consistant while manipulating the column. This can be done with Column Rename Regex. Maybe you can have a look at that.


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