Update Site Error - org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility

Dear All,


I'm getting a strange error referring to "org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility" when attempting to install a plugin I've created, via an update site.  The error is in full, in the screenshot:


Before I start posting my MANIFEST.MF or plugin.xml file,  has anyone seen this before?  


The Plugin was generated in KNIME SDK 3.3.1 and KNIME 3.3.1 was used to install the plugin (though on different machines and operating systems).   The KNIME SDK on the development machine was originally KNIME 3.0 but has been updated several times.


I gather that this particular package (the compatibility one) was obsoleted from Eclipse 3 and onwards?  I am confused as to why I'm getting this.


Thank you in advance.


Your plug-in has an (unnecessary) dependency to org.eclipse.core.runtime.compatibility which doesn't exist any more. If you really don't need it, simply remove the dependency.

Hi Thor,


The strange thing is - after removing this dependency, I got the same error.

I've double-checked the versioning information and cannot find any reference to this plugin.  I'm baffled as to why I get this error when I don't refer to the package...



I'll point out that I didn't do this via Buckminster, but via the "out of the box" KNIME update site/feature templates.