Update Strategy Knime Server from 4.10 to 4.11


we intend to update the Knime Server Version on one Server from
4.10.2 to 4.11.4
so both of our servers have the same versions :4.11.4

There are eventually two options :

  1. Deinstall knime-server and knime-executor service , delete the knime-install directory.
    → Saving existing Workflows previously and reimport them. ->how can this be done?
    The standard installation procedure could be executed without any problems.

  2. Some magical button/ procedure ;after that the installtion and the two services are updated.

Greetings B.Kochs

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Dear B. Kochs,

if you set up a new installation (you can also install this in a separate folder, so that you can change back easily, if something goes wrong), you can copy the workflows and schedules.
They are located in the server’s workflow_repository/workflows.
If you wish to keep existing schedules, you will also need to copy the value of secretKey that is located in the server’s apache-<tomcat or tomee>/conf/Catalina/localhost/knime.xml file.

In case you would like to update the existing server, we have an update guide here: KNIME Server Release Notes and Update Guide.

A few notes though:

  • You may want to consider installing a more recent version. 4.13.2 is current and 4.13.3 is to be released soon (works with KNIME Analytics Platform 4.4 or lower). See also 4.12 features, 4.13 features.
  • We only offer a 4.11.5 installer. The last version digit only includes bug fixes, so that we really don’t suggest using a lower version there.

If you’d like, you can also reach out to support@knime.com. We would be happy to accompany you during an update.

Kind regards