Update to 4.1.0.v201912201454 behind proxy fails

When Knime 4.1.0 was released I used the zip file I found via https://www.knime.com/downloads/update to install extensions. This is because my system is located behind a proxy. Everything worked nicely.

Now I get reminders I can update to 4.1.1. The normal update fails, because of this proxy, so I tried to get the latest version of the analytics platform again through this update site.
Although the name of the link is UpdateSite_latest41.zip it still contains 4.1.0.

Is there an alternative way to download 4.1.1 as a single zipfile which can be used as a local update site?

Hi there @JanDuo,

welcome to KNIME Community! Version 4.1.1? The latest is 4.1.0. Check here: https://www.knime.com/downloads/download-knime

Anyways did you try setting up a proxy? https://www.knime.com/faq#q24


Hi Ivan,

My mistake. It’s not 4.1.1 but an update of 4.1.0 (shows as “KNIME Analytics Platform 4.1.0.v201912201454” when I select > File > Update Knime). I will try to update the title right after this reply.

When only the downloaded file is enabled as available site, it says “no updates available”. When the default “Knime Analytics Platform 4.1 Update” site is enabled I get this update mentioned.

I tried setting up the proxy as indicated in the FAQ, but that runs in timeouts. That was the reason I was using this local zip-file alternative.

Hi @ipazin
Tried changing the title, but it seems not possible anymore.

Hi @JanDuo

this is a hotfix update and it was not published to the zipped update site. Sorry about this.

Can you download this update site and do the update? than you get the hotfix:

Best, Iris


Hi @Iris

Thanks for providing this hotfix. After the download it could be installed without a breeze. My issue is solved.

Kind regards,


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