Update to v1.30.4 - Bug Fixes & RDKit Compatibility update

Today we have updated the version of our community contribution to v1.30.4

This is a bug fix and compatibility update:

  • Updates for changes in RDKit v4.5.0 (#14)
  • Fixes bug when show loop body node timings option is checked for benchmark nodes not at root level of workflow (#15)

This fix update is available in the nightly build channel, and stable builds v4.2, 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5



Somewhere on the way through transferring the fix from 4.2 → 4.3 → 4.4 → 4.5 → nightly, the fix for this bug fell out (the other fixes seem to have made it through OK, so not really sure what happened there). Unfortunately, but inevitably, the update to the test workflow also failed to propagate (I know what happened there - I forgot to do it :frowning: - sorry!) and so all looked OK with the builds.

I have set fresh builds going around 10 minutes ago. The fixed version should be available in around another 30 minutes from now (now = ~11.30am GMT) - it will still be 1.30.4, but the timestamp should update to something starting v20220304…

Again, my apologies, and thanks to @JFranek for pointing this out.


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