Updating executor in KNIME Server

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I am new to KNIME server. Sorry if my questions doesn’t makes sense.

After installation, you need to point the KNIME Server to the new installation location. If you have a symbolic link on a Linux system that is used to start the KNIME Server Executor, simply remove this link and re-define it pointing to the new installation folder. If you do not have a symbolic link, you need to change the value of the com.knime.server.executor.knime_exe configuration option.

As per the above doc, when we need to update the executor, is that just enough to remove and redefine the link (in case of symbolic link) or just change the value of com.knime.server.executor.knime_exe configuration option in knime-server.config?
Don’t we need to stop/start the apache web server? If some of my workflows are already executing in the server, which are pointing to a particular executor, what will happen to those, if I make the above change?

Also, say if my executor is using an environment variable and if I need to change the environment variable to point to a different value, should I stop and start the executor? If yes how? If not, how should I achieve that?


Hi Ravikiran,

both methods to configure the server to access the executor are similar. Often it is easier for the adminitstrator to change a symbolic link to a new installation than to figure out, which configuration file has to be changed after the installation of a new executor.

Both will work.

Please have a look at the documentation here: https://docs.knime.com/2019-12/server_admin_guide/index.html#knime-server-configuration-file

There is stated, which configuration option can be set during a running server. For the executor path and enviroment variables I would recommend to stop the server first, change the settings and start it afterwards. The executor will be stopped if you stop the server. On the next start the new version of the executor will be used.

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