Updating old KNIME forum threads

Dear Knimers,

All the way back in 2019 I created a topic about the absence of a Flow Variable Creator node:


In the responses I was not given much hope that there would ever be something like a Flow Variable Creator node. However, yesterday I noticed that as of Knime version 4.7 there is a Variable Creator node under IO/Other in the node repository. Perhaps it has been there for longer without me noticing, but I am very happy that it exists now.

The old thread is now locked, so I cannot point new readers to the existence of this new node that does exactly what was requested. As a result some people may still use one of the suggested workarounds instead of the “proper” node. What should a responsible knime forum user do in a case like this?



Hi @Aswin -

Good catch! I have unlocked the thread if you’d like to post a quick update. :slight_smile:


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