Updating Word/PDF Document Fields from Table Output


I have searched the forum and could not find something similar to what I need to accomplish. I need to take a data table of rows and columns and assign specific columns to sections in a word or PDF document. I have explored the Strings to Document, Document Data Assigner nodes but fail to find enough example material to guide me through. Has anyone ever done what I am trying to do (KNIME 4.1)?

If you could provide learning material or examples for me to gauge that would be great. Thank you KNIME community.

My goal: Take 95 excel files…aggregate them into one summary table (which i have done) and then spit out a formal word document / PDF that summarizes the findings. (Part I am struggling with).

Hi @rjrumsey and welcome to the forum.

It sounds like since you already have a summary table, and what you ultimately want is just a PDF representation of that, then you could just try BIRT within KNIME. There’s a simple workflow on the Hub I put together a while back illustrating how BIRT works:

Basic Example of Reporting with BIRT

There’s also a step-by-step howto guide about this workflow on our documentation site:


Hope this helps!

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Thank you @ScottF - I will take a look! Appreciate it.

Hi there @rjrumsey,

you want to create a new document (Word/PDF) with your findings or update existing? Or possibly both? :smiley:


@ipazin Both! Ideally a new one would be prefered…im assuming that is alot more logic to complete.

Hi @rjrumsey,

hmmm… Regarding update existing I’m not sure how that would work (probably that would require more logic :smiley: ) but doing a new one shouldn’t be problem using KNIME Report Designer as @ScottF said.


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I have played around with the report designer that Scott pointed me to and I am happy. I think this will satisfy my need. Thank you both for commenting so fast on here. Much appreciatted. @ipazin @ScottF


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