upgrade to BIRT 4.3 or higher???

The KNIME reporting plug-in is an older version of BIRT (3.7.2).  When will I be able to upgrade to a newer version of BIRT?  I need at least version 4.3 to support multiple sheets in Excel.  BIRT 4.3 has been around for at least a year.  Is this an issue with Eclipse?


Don Martin

I'm having problem with BIRT as well, as the version on knime do not support the clean button in the column binding tab.


Unfortunately BIRT 4.3 requires Eclipse 4, which we will likely not be able to support until some time in 2015.  

The sooner that KNIME supports BIRT 4.3, the better. 

Is there a product release roadmap that I can refer to?  I'd like to keep tabs on the new features being worked on.


Don Martin