Uplift nodes


I read Dymatrix created Uplift modeling nodes for Knime, but I could not find them.

Are they available for download?



I beleive they are these. I can see them in the Community contributions nightly update site.


That looks like a page summarizing what they are about. However  am not sure i understand how to download them.

http://tech.knime.org/update/community-contributions/nightly is the update site I have seen. (Myself was not tested it, it is in the Community Contributions - Other category.)

You might need to set the proxy settings before downloading them, there seems to be no update site archive for the nightlies available for download. (Adding update site: Help / Install New Software... / Add...)

For details you can check the CC install page.

Cheers, gabor

Fantastic !

Thank you very much !