Upload node error on server


I have a workflow which collects data and push them on a hdfs partition on a hadoop cluster. If I execute my workflow locally with knime 3.2.1 everything works, but if I execute the same workflow on the knime server 4.3 I get the error message from the upload node:

Execute failed: No keytab information available in preferences.

I took the user authentication (no kerberos) in the HDFS Connection and login a valid user.

I hope someone could help :)


Hello Mr Heitzhausen,

unfortunately, this is a bug .. and we have also checked and it seems there is currently not workaround available. The problem should only affect the HDFS Connection node. For some reason it's executing the Kerberos path when running on the KNIME server.

We have opened a high-priority bug report and are working on getting this resolved ASAP. A bugfix will be published over the course of the next week. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Björn Lohrmann

Hello Mr Lohrmann,

I would like to ask what the actual status of the bugfix is?

Best Regards

Hello Mr Heitzhausen,

unfortunately we have to delay the official bug fix release until the end of next week. If you need the bug fix earlier please contact me directly via the foum and I will provide you with a preview of the release which fixes the problem.

Sorry for the delay and the inconveniences