upload pdf with pdf parser


i’m new here.
I would like to use PDF PARSER node (i already installed text processing extension), but i’m not able to upload file pdf. I even tried to drag the pdf file on the board, but no results.

Can anyone tell me why?

Thank you very much!

PDF Parser reads all PDF files in the specified folder. If file is a picture in old 1.4 version it may not be recognized. You also may try Tika Parser.


Hi there @smartie,

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Do you get any INFO, WARN or ERROR message? If you can share PDF file and someone will give it a try.


Hi @izaychik63,

thank you very much for your reply.

Hi @ipazin,

thank you for welcome and help!
I’ve been using knime for a very short time but I can see its full potential, so I’m learning from scratch.

I’ve attached the pdf file that I need to encode. I have to transport it in an excel table, an operation that I do manually every day wasting a lot of time.

I’m not even sure if pdf parser is the most suitable knot.

Thank you for any help.

pdf.zip (81.1 KB)

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Hi @smartie

See this wf parse_pdf.knwf (50.8 KB) . It extract your PDF. That is the easy part. The challenge is to convert the content of your pdf, a giant string, to useful data, columns, variables. I added an example with the Cell Splitter node, to give you some ideas how to move on.

gr. Hans