Urgent doinga "Save As" of an open & existing


Is there a way to "Save As" an open & existing workflow. The issue is that I have made some large changes in an existing job and in reality I should have made a copy before I started and done these changes in the copy.

I don't see a menu option for this. Can I manually copy the directory?



So currently I have an unsaved open workflow on the original workspace. What I need to do is maintain this workflow as of the last save and save the current state of the workflow to a new workflow.

If I switch the worksapce would it save to the new workspace leaving the last save uneffected in the original workspace?

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Hi Jay,

hope it's not too late. You can try to copy the old, saved workflow, by copying the referring directory from your workspace to somewhere else.
Then save the new workflow. Now import the old one into your workspace again. Since it has the same name, the import wizard will suggest a new name for it (name_2).
I didn't tested this proposal, but I think it will work this way.



Hi Fabian,

There is something strange about this. The help file of KNIME describes the "save as" command under "file menu", but I can't see it in KNIME.

Saving the same workflow under a different name when you made lot of changes [e.g. number of input files, preprocessing] is something you want to do all the time [rather than using the workaround with directories].

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