URGENT ISSUE| GA Authentication | Interactive | quota exceeded

The Definitive Guide to getting round this and setting up your own OAuth Client ID

Ok folks, so lets recap on the problem

  1. The Knime GCP project is knackered as everyone under the sun is doing loads of queries per day so hitting easily to 50K limit.

You need to create your own oAuth Consent screen and client ID to give yourself your very own 50K per day limit.

  1. Create a GCP project
  2. Go to APIs and add the Google Analytics API
  3. Configure the oAuth Consent Screen
  4. Create an OAuth client id as a desktop app
  5. Download the JSON and use that to login with the Google Authenticator node.


Happy GA3 Archiving.
note - this is also valid for use with GA4 Data api. you just need to add the Api rom the library in gcp.