Urgent! KNIME console won't work and won't read CSV files

So I’m freaking out. I have a flow that needs to join several CSV files but for some reason they won’t work (not even when not using the path address). The console doesn’t say anything.

The same thing happens when I try to use XLS files. KNIME at least reads the files, but the finishing loop node fails.

Can anyone help me? Thank you!

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Hover over the red cross symbol and knime will tell you about the issue


You haven’t given us enough information to work with.

If I had to guess, I’d say that the structure of your incoming files is changing from file to file and you haven’t made any accommodations for this.


@natymarquezb you might have to increase the log level to debug and see if this might tell us more.

Then: are the files located in the same long path as the workflow or somewhere else. Have you tried using local path or KNIME protocol. To narrow it down you could try list files with a deprecated node.

Then there have been several discussions about the use of onedrive. Especially in an educational environment there seem to be cases where there are restrictions affecting KNIME.


Then you might want to upgrade to the very latest KNIME version and maybe try to use a Microsoft connector to your file location (if it is on such a drive) and see how that works. You will have to use the new path variables.


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