"URI to Port" consistently has an error in Parallel Chunk Loop

I use Parallel Chunk Loops to process files, and they work great for me. However one error that I get consistently is with “URI to Port”, which in my workflow comes immediately after “Parallel Chunk Start”. The first time I try to execute my loop I can count on “URI to Port” failing, with a message of “URI column not set”. Then I check the settings, hit apply - without changing anything - and OK and then the loop runs fine.
Is there an explanation or solution for this?
Essentially, the simplest workflow example I can give of this behavior looks like this:
Input Files -> Port to URI -> Parallel Chunk Start -> URI to Port -> FeatureFinderSuperHirn -> Port to URI -> Parallel Chunk End

The “URI to Port” node will always throw an error until I open the settings and click apply. I don’t change the settings before clicking apply; I just click apply, OK, and then go back and run the last node of this workflow.

I should add that “URI to Port” tends to throw the same error after “Parallel Chunk End” as well; I need it to get the files back out from the Chunk; the error is resolved the same way here as it was inside the Loop.

Some nodes have to be configured before they can be executed. This is to ensure that the software doesn’t do anything the user wouldn’t expect.

Here for example you get a warning, which forces you to specify the column before any data is being processed. Once setup properly, the node should run without any issues (even in loops).