URL links in table viewer

Are there any plans to generate a URL typecast column in knime. This would be useful if possible so that the links in said column can be clickable in a table viewer which launches Internet explorer or safari etc.


I think if you have a string column which begins <html> and ends </html> then you will get this behaviour already - you links needs to be specified as <a href="http://path.to.my/link.html">my link</a> within the string.

You might need a Java Snippet to sort your string out...!

I've tried the Java snippet approach, you get the formatting with the blue link but it didn't have any activity, I guess you click the cell and not the string value within the cell :(. 

OK - that seems to be the case - even if the whole cell is the link then it looks like html but doesnt appear to be clickable.

Maybe one for the nice KNIME people to sort...