usage of strict module in Perl scripting node


I created a perl script that uses the strict module. The script does not run and generates error messages. However when I do not use the strict module the script runs fine. Any ideas why this is? 

The strict module is used in Perl scripting to restrict unsafe constructs



I suspect the unsafe parts are not in your script? About what is the compiler complaining?

In regular perl scripts I always use the strict module. Where can I see the error message of the perl compiler? I only see the complains of KNIME, saying that perl is not able to parse the perl script 

Can you send/post a small example workflow demonstrating your problem?

Zie attachment for workflow.



Jep, this looks like a problem in the wrapper code the node generates. I have filed a bug, which we try to fix for 2.7.2.

Ok. Thank you for the response. Is there also a place where I can see the precise error generated by perl? 

If you set the log level to debug (or info?), you will see more details.

This has been fixed in KNIME Desktop v2.8