Use a flow variable for column selection

How can I set what columns to include for processing by a node using flow variables.
I think I found the corresponding fields: column_selection>IncList but I dont really know what to feed-in to array-size, 0 and 1.

The idea is that I have a metanode that contains a serie of global thresholder (each with a different method) but for each of them I want to use the same column, so I though of using some quickform/flow variable to set the column to use only once in the metanode.

Hi @l.thomas,
Good news, @bnorthan already build such a metanode:

That should get you started.



It’s cool indeed I though of having the choice of the thresholding method as well.
But it actually does not answer my question :sweat_smile:

I would like to have an extra input/quickform for the selection of the column on which to apply the multiple-thresholding.
Getting the name of the column is easy with the column selection quickform, but setting the column to include for processing in the global thresholder using the resulting flow variable I dont know how to do it.

In the Global Thresholder node, you first have to select exactly one column (even if it’s not the one you’ll choose later on) to be processed. Then switching to the Flow Variables tab, you’ll find exactly one index (0) in the column_selection > IncList. Set this index 0 to your current column name variable, and it will override the column selection from the Column Selection tab.


Perfect thanks again Jan !
The resulting workflow and metanode are available for download from my nodepit space :wink:

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Nice trick, didn’t know that one myself. :slight_smile:

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