Use column information to create new columns and rows


haven’t used KNIME for some time, so I may be a little bit rusty.
I checked if my problem was mentioned before, but couldn’t find anything fitting.

I have a table which looks like this:

User Q1r1 Q1r2 Q1r3 Q2r1 Q2r2 Q3r3
A 1 0 2 2 1 0
B 0 0 1 2 0 1

What I would like to have as an output is this

User r Q1 Q2
A r1 1 2
A r2 0 1
A r3 2 0
B r1 0 2
B r2 0 0
B r3 1 1

I tried “Cell Splitter” and “Column Splitter”, but this didn’t help.
Does anyone has any idea? I should also mention that in the original table I have quite a lot of "r"s and "Q"s.


Here’s one way you could approach the problem. If you have lots of “r” and “Q” values then you just need to add rules to the appropriate Rule Engine nodes.

2021-06-08 11_17_30-Pivot table - 3_5 - Pivoting (Final table)

PivotingRuleEngineExample.knwf (14.3 KB)


You beat me @ScottF , lol

I put together this alternative but I think we can safely say from our solutions, that it involves pivoting! :wink: (which as you’ll see from my comments, I have no clue about… I just keep plugging away until something usable appears! :rofl:)

[Columns to Rows.knwf|attachment]
(upload://zn9xMM9q86lFntRUYgdgkUjbqR5.knwf) (13.9 KB)


I like your RegEx Split, that’s more elegant that what I did for sure. I always run screaming from anything involving RegEx :sweat_smile:


I don’t blame you @ScottF, but while I’ve still plenty to learn, I’ve (finally!) got to a point where I don’t have to keep heading to, and I definitely have other members of this forum to thank for that as there have been a few people over the past few months who I’ve got tips from with their solutions.


Thanks a lot Scott and takbb for your suggestions. I will try them today and let you know here about the outcome.


I tried Regex Split, but have no idea, what command I should put into it. I tried several combinations based on the explanation examples in KMIME about the Regex Split Node. The only one, that worked somehow was


But this just duplictes the column. Seems I’m lacking the language skills to use Regix Split. Could you help?

Hi @mkoch. I just noticed that on my previous post the link for the workflow I uploaded seems to be corrupted. I’ve added it here again. Was that the reason for your question about regex split?

Columns to Rows.knwf (13.9 KB)

The regex pattern I used was this:



It is splitting the value into two parts, as there are two “capture groups”, marked by ( )
First capture group is:
This means “match the part that contains Q followed by a single digit”
Second capture group is:
This means "match the part that contains r followed by a single digit.

Each capture group is then used to create a new column

So Q1r1 will be turned into two columns Q1 and r1

regarding your regex
yes that would simply duplicate the column. The reason for this is it defines a single capture group denoted by ( ) so it will generate only one column

the [ ] means match characters contained in the class defined by the contents of the square brackets

the ^ in this case means “not” (in different circumstances it could mean “start of line” but inside [ ] it means “not” \r means carriage return, so in total that part means "match any character that is not a carriage return, and then the * that follows it means “apply the previous thing 0,1 or many times”

So your regex would capture everything in the column that is not a carriage return… :wink:

I hope that helps


Wow! Thank you so much for the very helpful explanation. That helped a lot and works great. Also I learnt something very useful about Regex Split. That’s just perfect! :slight_smile:


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