Use Conda Flow Variable is disabled

Using node - Conda Environment Propagation, I am able to select conda environment and packages and the node is getting executed without any issue.

But even after connecting this node to the Python script node variable port, ‘Use Conda Flow Variable’ is disabled.

Also ‘Flow Variables’ section is not showing anything.

Can anyone please help me to find out what am I doing wrong??


The flow variable seems to not propagate to the next node when connected through the variable input port.

Created a variable

Now when I am connecting it to the String Manipulator node via a variable input port, the Flow Variable List section is not showing anything, but while using the String Manipulation (Variable) node, the Flow Variable List is showing the variable.


I am using Knime after a while. I’ll appreciate any suggestions.

Hi @shubh,

The variables are not available because one of the input ports (of the “Python Script” node and of the “String Manipulation” node) is disconnected.
I agree that this is not very intuitive and the nodes should list at least the variables that are available from the currently active connections instead of just listing nothing. I will check internally how we can improve the user experience here.
For now, just connecting some data to the input ports (or removing the input port of the “Python Script” node) should make the flow variables available in the dialog.


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