use data from another workflow into current workflow

suppose you have 2 workflows: A and B.
I’m working in workflow B and need data from a certain node within workflow A

I know you can apply Table Reader/Wrtier but that’s a bit clumsy. So, is there a direct way to connect te output from that node in workflow A into workflow B?


@sanderlenselink you can call a KNIME workflow from another one and transfer data to that workflow:

What you want to keep in mind is that you will have to make sure what data is created when and do you have the relevant status. KNIME does that via Flow Variables and Workflow orchestration.

I would suggest to combine the approaches. Transfering data via KNIME table should be stable:


Hi mlauber71,

thnx for your quick respons. Maybe you or someone else know a more simple solution.

I enclosed 2 workflows. In the 2nd one I want to connect the output from Column Expression node of the 1st workflow.

In the 2nd workflow I want e.g. to connect the data from both workflows

I’m curious how fix that


workflow2.knwf (9.9 KB)
workflow1.knwf (6.4 KB)

@sanderlenselink I have toyed around with your data and came up with these options to communicate between the main and sub workflows.


hi mlauber71,

THNX for your “playing” . . . now I understand the logic it does what it has to do (see screenshot).
And is easy. THNX for your help.

I attached my “final” workflows.
workflow1_DEF.knwf (9.4 KB)
workflow2_DEF.knwf (10.3 KB)


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