Use Database Update Node to update the increased data in the database failed

Hi all,

My target is to using the Database Update node to update the table in the database, only update the increased data in the table. all the data has the unique ID. However, it seems the table in the database is till the old one.

my procedure as below:

  1. this is the old table
  2. this is the updated table which add new record with the unique MID of 4
  3. this the workflow I created and the configuration of database update node
  4. this is the updated status of database update node
  5. and this the table int he database after execution of database update, still the old one, the new data is not added

I will highly apricate that someone can point out what’s wrong with my faults

Update influence only existing records. To write new one you need to compare existing record set with new one. Filter new records (say with Reference Row Filter node) and use Database Writer to add new records.

Hi izaychik63,
thanks for your suggestions. It DO solve my challenge, seems there was some midunderstanding about the database update node.