"use execution time" in a loop

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how is it possible, to execute a date&time configuration node (which should generate the actual time) in a loop. So in each loop cycle, the node should be "reset"ed and generate the new date&time?

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Hi @knimebine007,

is the date&time configuration node connected in the input flow variable to the loop?
Cannot test it at the moment, but if the node has an incomming flow variable from the loop, it should reset any loop step? :thinking:
Or what is your problem?

(sorry for the large picture example - but feom mobile it is hard to scale :laughing:)

Maybe you can share a small screenshot of your workflow to give detail suggestions :slight_smile:


no, the date&time configuration node is not connected with the loop node.

the configuration node is in a metanode, which is called in the loop. Maybe thats the cause?
But all the other nodes in the metanode are executed, because they are in a “connected line”.

then connect it to any of the other nodes via a flow variable line!
That should fix the problem!

Anything outside the loop is treated as execute once and provide your value to the loop


This was the helpful hint, thank you very much!

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Hi @knimebine007

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