Use file name inside xls reader loop



I have a loop to read many excel files and I'd like to get the file name to append it as a new column.


I use a list files and string manipulation to get the filename of the files. Unfortunately, I don't know how to use the file name inside the loop (after the xls reader). How to do that?


Thank you very much.

Please don't post in multiple of subforums the same questions. I answered in your other thread.

Best, Iris


The problem was different. As you mentionned in the other post, there are new functionnalities in the loop end in Knime v3. I used the add iteration column to get the number from the name of the file.



Thank you very much.

Hi Iris,

I have a similar issue, would like to get the names of the original Excel files added as a column when iterating through them. Where do I find your answer?


Hi Evert,

in this case I would use the variable to Table Column node before the loop end.

It can be used to append the same variable you are using for reading the data.

Is this what you were looking for?

Cheers, Iris

Yes, exactly what I needed!

Many thanks,