Use global database credentials

I started exploring knime today. I need to use same database credentials in multiple workflows. I would prefer defining credentials only once and re-using them elsewhere. How to do this?

Workflow variables cannot be used in other workflows. Is there a place for workflow group variables which can be accessed from any workflow?


Good one -- I guess writing them to a table would be an option, or maybe some commercial TeamSapce / Enterprise Server feature I'm unaware of?

Note that v2.9 has added local horsepower in this respect -- see "Enh 4690: Local Workspace supporting data files and meta node templates" in the changelog (

Not yet entirely sure how this works, though - I wish I could replicate Rosaria's success story posted here:

EDIT: Navigating to the local folder (easy by right-clicking) and pasting source data there made it work, just dropping them onto the KNIME Explorer didn't in my private Win7-64 / K2.9.1 setup.