Use if-Switch to decide which database executor gets used


In a Loop, I have a Loop variable, and depending on ist value I want to either execute branch 1 or branch 2. In both branches, there are just a number of Database SQL executors.

What if-switch can help me in this task? The “Database IF Switch (Flow Variable Value)” seems to not work since the ports do not fit together (“DatabaseConnectionPortObjectSpec” and “DatabasePortObjectSpec”).

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Try using the flow variable if switch, and connect the output to the invisible ‘Mickey Mouse Ears’ flow variable ports of your SQL executors. Alternatively, does the Database IF Switch (Flow Variable Value) have the correct port type for your application?


(It’s a bit difficult to see, but ‘Node 936’ is in an inactive branch)




thanks, meanwhile I found the same solution and it works great :slight_smile:

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