Use KNIME as generic features in Eclipse IDE?


Would it be possible to install KNIME as a (sub)set of features without the actual product/application? (Technically speaking, ignoring licensing issues here… ;))



In principal yes, but currently the KNIME Base feature also contains the product plugin. However, you may define your own feature using only a subset of the plugins.

That’s no problem – the product feature should work fine in a plugin context as well. Is there an update site or would I just unpack everything and install it manually?

Sure there is an Update Site, the default KNIME Update Site!?

Oh boy…I don’t know how I missed it since it was only the second item on the “Download Menu”. I looked everywhere else. :slight_smile:

It’s 8 years later and we’re on Eclipse Oxygen. Can either of you or others point to whether installing Knime Analytics Platform as a feature in our existing (IRI) Workbench is possible, and if so, how/where/what to install?

Start with the KNIME Core feature.