Use Knime Library in a new software Java

Hi everyone, I am a newby and I want to write a new software in java.
My customer already uses Knime.
How can I use the same machine learning libraries as knime, inside my software, without the knime user interface? It’s possible ? Thanks for your suggestions

Hi @loky62,

well KNIME is already based on Java - so in theory that should be no problem.

i think if you know which nodes your customer uses from knime - then you can just lookup the node in the knime github:

There you should find the underlaying java libraries (and code) for each node.

Alternatively you can use nodepit to search for nodes and their source code:


links to:

The third possible solution to lookup the libraries/code - follow the node developer guide to import the knime project e.g. to eclipse - and search there.

Alternatively you can run KNIME through batch mode without user interface or interact with a knime server with the REST API. (If you just want to integrate the KNIME result into your program…which would most likely be easier :slight_smile: )