Use knime numerical libraries in my own Java application

I am wondering how I can import knime numerical libraries into my own project. No fancy gui stuff wanted, just some number-crunching classes like logistic regression, SVM, etc. 


it's not too easy to use KNIME as a library in your own Java application. This is because KNIME lives in the OSGi world. In we discussed these issues a bit. However, if you don't want to access the numerical libaries programatically, but only "call" them as workflows, you can always run KNIME headless:

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You might also be able to communicate with your projects by accessing their libraries through Java Snippets. That would include spawning your project from inside a snippet, as a slave of Knime so to speak. This could be easier than the other way around. No guarantees though, as I have no idea how good that would work with OSGi.