Use ListFiles/Folders in Knime Server


I am using Knime server 4.12.1 / Knime analytic 4.3.1.
I try to read an excel file keep in the same folder in Knime Server using Node ListFiles/Folders with relative path. The workflow works well in local, but when I deploy to Knime server. The error show as below.

Do you have any suggestion?

You are seeing this using the remote job view right?


Yes, it is from remote jobs view.

Hey @kengdeb ,

I see. So currently it’s not supported to view the content of the cell via remote job view. This, however, does not mean that this cell does not have any content.

May I ask what the error of the Path to String node is about?


P.S. We fixed the problem and it will be release with 4.3.2


I looked into your comment and finally fixed the issues which was coming from the wrong path selection, noting to do with ListFiles node.

Thks for your suggestion


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