Use loop instead of math formula (multi columns)

I’m facing a challenge to use loops instead of multi columns math formula
the problem is when using
column splitter > column list loop start > column rename (Regex) > math formula … etc
only the renamed column appears, while I need to divide the “splitted columns” with another column called “total spent” which was produced earlier.

any suggestions how to make the other column enter the loop separatly than the splitted columns so i can divide both on each other?

Hi there!

I guess this “total spent” column is inside your table prior to Column List Loop Start node? If so then it should be Excluded in configuration dialog of node in order to appear/be used inside loop in each iteration. Also it has to be number type column to be used in Math Formula node. If it is Included it will not appear nowhere inside Loop.

Hope I figured out what is troubling you and that this will help :wink:



Thank you! this solved my problem!

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Glad it helped :slight_smile:
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